Sunday, March 2, 2014

End of Beta Week 2 Weigh In

So, although the numbers don't show a very big difference at all, I still feel like I'm definitely gaining muscle and the workouts are still a challenge.  If winter ever ends, I'd really like to get some more running in.  I'm also going to attempt to not eat two BOXES of Girl Scout cookies this coming week like I did last week…

End of week 2 weigh in:
Weight 141.4 lbs
Waist 28.75 inches (down ¼ in since last measurement)
Hips 32.75 inches (also down ¼ in)
Thigh 19.75 inches (same…this is where I'd really like to lose some. Ugh)
Bicep 11 inches (up ¼ in…?)

So, this week…less cookies, more water, maybe more running if the snow stops after the beginning of the week.  I'm feeling a little discouraged right now without bigger results, but I know I just need to stick to it and get some running in as well and it'll be good.