Monday, February 10, 2014

Beta Week 1 Day 1

So T-25 Beta began today. I spent all day yesterday thinking of what it would be like, trying to remember how killer Alpha seemed when I started it five weeks ago. Today was so crazy I had no time to think about it at all.

When I finally put the Beta Core Cardio DVD in, it was almost 1830, I had other things on my mind, and I was just crossing my fingers all the kids would play nicely upstairs for the time it would take me to workout and shower quickly.  

I started the DVD and immediately noticed the music was a little different. Whatever. I hardly hear it once I start. After the obligatory Shakeology commercial, I was ready to go.

**Side note, I checked into Shakeology to use during Beta, but that stuff is so expensive there was no way it was in our budget.  Guess I escaped the attempted brainwashing due to financial constraints.**

This workout was killer. Like feeling like I did the first day of alpha killer.  There were some of the same moves, but a lot of new ones too.  I was dripping sweat by about 12 minutes in, and I was soaked by the end.

I loved it.

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