Saturday, February 8, 2014

End of Alpha

Due to some messed up schedules and whatever else, I wound up having to do both T25 Alpha Cardio and T25 Lower Focus today in order to finish Alpha round on time.  But, I did it.
25 workouts in 5 weeks, some running (not nearly as much as I would have liked), and the results were good.  I did my final weight and measurements tonight, and here they are:
After five weeks, my weight went from 142 to 140.6, which is just a typical fluctuation for me. 
I lost 1/2 inch in my waist, 2 1/4 inches in hips, 1.5 inches in each thigh, and 1 inch each bicep, for a total of 10 inches all around.
Here are my before and after pictures.
Definitely noticeable in the abs, and I notice big differences in my thighs and butt too.

For all my talk about not using shakes and supplements, I'm kind of curious about the results I could have after Beta if I'm even a little more careful about my diet.  I have tomorrow to figure it out...Beta starts Monday!

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