Saturday, February 22, 2014

I got a little behind

I got a little behind. And I don't mean that I've got a little behind. I mean, I got a little behind in T-25. The first week I attempted beta week 1, the husband was out of town and I was crazy busy with work and I only got three days in. So this week, I repeated week 1 and got it all done.  Beta is great. A definite increase in intensity and I love using the weights. I didn't like the resistance band that came with it, so I'm using 5 pound dumbbells.  Next week or the week after I will switch to 7 pounds.
Ok, so since I was not only behind on working out but on blogging also, I'll give you my thoughts on the five beta workouts real fast.

W1D1 Core Cardio.  This workout was a good step up from the alpha cardio. Nothing crazy but a few new moves and definite sweat.

W1D2 Speed 2.0.  I call this workout the ADD workout. If you didn't have ADD beforehand, it's enough to give it to you. The first time I did it (the lost week), I hated it. This week, I knew what was coming so it wasn't so bad. Still definite ADD though.  I do like that it's a different set up than the other workouts, even if it's a little maddening.

W1D3 Rip't Circuit. I was expecting something like the alpha total body workout, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is my favorite 25 minutes of the whole program.  I like it much better with weights than the band.  It's major sweat but still doable.  This is me after:

W1D4 Dynamic Core. This is a great ab workout. I'm not crazy sore from it, but my abs are about a thousand times stronger than before I started t25.

W1D5 Upper Focus.  First time for major work on the arms and back. My weak girly arms definitely need some work, so I loved it. Quick paced and a good mix of weights and body weight resistance.

Overall, I can't wait to see my results at the end of the beta 5 weeks.  I'll probably skip measurements and weight tomorrow just because I feel like I've been so sporadic, but I will get back to measuring next weekend (after week 2) and maybe post an update picture with before and after. I feel like I'm watching ab muscles appear before my eyes. It's awesome.

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