Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm a Cynic

Today is one of two days a week that the baby goes to daycare for four hours.  Usually that time is consumed with cookie shop business, but it's a little slow after Christmas and I knew I could get everything done in two hours, which is nice, especially when the husband's out of town.  I was done with my work before 10:00 and figured I get a few miles in and then T25.  I underestimated the coldness outside, though, and went out without my warmer jacket or anything over my ears.  I made it half a mile and called it quits.  Inside, I checked the temperature and it said 24 degrees.  I don't usually go out if it's under 30 anyway.  I'm not a cold weather person, but I do think that high 30s/low 40s is the perfect running temp if there's no wind.  I'm hoping to spend some time researching cold weather running tips soon.

Anyway, after that I figured I'd get T25 over with.  Today was Speed 1.0, and I wasn't looking forward to it.  The workout yesterday kicked my butt.  I woke up today not in pain, but definitely feeling like my quads and glutes had done some extra work the day before.  I skipped the yoga mat this time, set myself up in the living room and hit play.  After the standard Shakeology advertisement, the work out began.  This one incorporated a lot of exercises I have been avoiding doing for years, like burpees and lunges.  It also had some jabs and boxing moves that I really liked.

I must say, I enjoyed this one more, probably because I knew a little more about what was coming.  I'm definitely glad I'm doing these in the privacy of my living room.  I imagine I look like a lunatic.  I am definitely not a coordinated person or a dancer by any means.  I see the moves in my head but my feet don't keep up.  I will say, though, my knees were still hitting above my waist by the end of this one.
You're going to be so tired of my sweaty face by the end of this.  My husband just called and as I was telling him about what he got us into, he said, "Good, so you're enjoying it."  hahahaha  No.  But I'm going to finish it because I said I was, just like I finished the Couch to 5k program years ago and haven't stopped since.  They say things take 2 weeks of regular doing to become a habit.  And probably even longer to become enjoyable.  I do enjoy the results and the end, even if I don't enjoy everything about the means.  I don't enjoy every run, either, but one good one makes up for all the crappy ones I make myself suffer through.

All that being said, I'm a cynic.  I think I've never done a workout program, class, or dvd because I don't believe they work.  I mean, I know they do.  But for some reason, I don't think they will for me.  Before I started T25, I googled before and after pictures like crazy just to see proof.  After two days of feeling the muscle strain and exhaustion of the workouts, I still don't think it'll work for me.  Ha!  Don't be surprised if I blame my newfound abs and slimmer thighs on running instead of  T25 at the end of this :)

And now, I'm off to enjoy brunch.
I said before I don't eat breakfast.  I prefer brunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.  Or, more accurately, snacks all day.  So I'm having cup of coffee number 3 and the leftover turkey veggie soup I created for dinner last night.  Have a good day!

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