Thursday, January 23, 2014

Midway Week 3

So it's Thursday. Another snow day. Is it just me or do snow days practically require you to eat like crap? And maybe it's just me again, but when I look out my window and see dry roads yet they call a snow day, I feel compelled to go somewhere...anywhere...because I can, dang it.  So I bundled up all of the kids this morning and we went to the bank and the store and Wendy's.  Back in like October I bought these little coupon books for free jr frostys.  They're about to expire, so we've been having lots of frostys.  I also had a Hershey's bar :O. I know I said M&Ms are my favorite, but I kind of lied. A plain old Hershey's bar wins every time.

It was a long day. Now, thank God, everyone is in bed.  

Yesterday I had T25 Total Body Circuit.  I was proud of myself because I made it more than halfway through the session before I had to switch to push-ups on my knees. I was extra motivated to force myself to keep at it because this is what my left knee looked like yesterday:
And it is still very sore.  I told the husband I'm going stir crazy not being able to run. He told me I'm better off not running on the ice since I do things like this on dry ground :/. The ice better be gone by Saturday because I will be running both days this weekend.

Today I did the T25 Ab Intervals.  It was ok.  Seemed like it worked my quads some today too.

So, I'm one day shy of finishing week 3 my way, doing each workout once each week.  The husband made a good case for why I should be following Shaun T's schedule, though, and saving you the details, I will be doing weeks 4 and 5 of Alpha according to the plan that came with the program.  When I get to the Beta program, I may even attempt to add in a nutrition plan (not a diet, but something more regulated than the out-of-left-field way I eat now).  I hardly recognize myself.

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