Friday, January 17, 2014

Run Tomorrow

I am not a morning person. I don't like waking up, especially earlier than I have to.  But tomorrow, my alarm is set for 0530.  Tonight I will lay out my clothes, in the morning I will put them on, and as I step outside to run I will thank God.  For the husband and children still asleep in their beds, for the house we call home, for being blessed with everything I need, and I will thank God that I woke up and that I am able to run.

As the first breaths of cold air fill my lungs, I'll remind myself to enjoy every moment. As my eyes sting and my tears start to freeze, I'll remind myself that life is short.  As my legs burn, I'll tell myself to keep going.  Because I can.  And I'm blessed and I'm lucky to be there, putting one foot in front of the other, knowing I'll be walking through my front door soon to the family that I love and the things that make me smile.

Meg Menzies didn't get to finish her run this week, to return to her warm house, or to hug the kids she had just put on the school bus that morning.  She was a woman in her 30s, a runner, a wife, and a mother of three.  So similar to me, yet her life was taken from her by a drunk driver. So I'll wake up early tomorrow and I'll run, and then I'll send a check in hopes that the little I'm able to send helps her kids in the future as I'd hope someone would do for mine.  RIP Meg.

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