Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It Hurts So Good

The other day when I was doing yoga with my 7-year-old she was telling me it hurt, and in the midst of some upside down triangle pose I yelled, "But it hurts so good!" That kind of became our mantra when she struggled to finish.  At the end she said, "Mom, it hurt goooood!"  Haha.

This evening, I hurt.  This morning I could feel my muscles that had worked the day before.  Tonight, I just hurt.  So, while scanning Facebook while putting the baby to bed, I saw a post by Distant Runners talking about you know you're a runner when you foam roll.  I've tried it before, but never really got anything out of it.  Tonight, I figured I'd try it again and see if my legs would loosen up a little and bend like they should.  So, I googled how to foam roll, and of course the answer I clicked on was from Runner's World.  They showed short videos and descriptions of how to foam roll 6 areas: calves, IT band, piriformis, hamstrings, adductors, and quads.  I so wanted the piriformis roll to work deeply, but I couldn't get enough pressure to notice a difference.  I'm sure it wasn't because I have a lot of extra padding in that area.  The calves and IT band rolls were useless to me.  The quads and hammys felt ok.  The big reason I will continue to foam roll was the adductors. 
(Me rolling my adductors.)
 It hurt so bad.  But now, it feels so good.  I didn't even realize my inner thighs were as tight and sore as they were.  Try a foam roller…it hurts so good.

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