Thursday, January 30, 2014

I may be behind on blogging..

I may be behind on blogging, but I'm not behind on T25.  Mon-Wed this week I did the workouts on the T25 schedule. I took today off since I have had a constant feeling of nausea since last night, so I'll finish week four with workouts tomorrow and Saturday.

The snow mess here is getting ridiculous. We got 9 inches Tuesday night!  Needless to say, between the kids being home and the roads being icy, I haven't been able to run. That really does a number on my mood. I'm thankful I'm doing the T25 program so I'm forced to do something, because otherwise laziness is overtaking my life the last couple weeks.  I am unmotivated to do anything. I did at least clean the downstairs of my house today and get to the bank, and I did some cookie shoppe work yesterday, but my energy and motivation is missing.  Luckily this weekend it's supposed to be in the 50s and 60s, so in addition to T25 tomorrow and Saturday I intend to get runs in Saturday and Sunday.

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