Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I don't have much to say today. Crazy busy day running errands in the crazy rain with the baby (who let me sleep 7.5 hours straight in my bed last night for only like the third or fourth time in her 20 months of life!).  In the midst of all the necessary errands I stopped in a new thrift store across the street from Costco and scored this:
for $12!

So, even though I totally didn't feel like it, I put all three girls upstairs to play kitchen after school and I got my T25 Speed workout in.  And I sweated my ass off.  Geez.
I actually enjoyed the workout a lot. My muscles don't feel like they're on the verge of death anymore so that definitely helps. I am definitely not looking forward to tomorrow's Total Body Circuit though.

The husband is a week behind me in T25, so he's 2 days in with really sore calves.  That was me last week!  My legs were on fire.  I'm sure he'll have an easier time with all the push-ups etc in Total Body tomorrow than I did (or will again) though.  I'm dying to run.  Thursday is daycare day, so if I can't get a run in tomorrow I know I can then.  

Dinner tonight was a spinach and tomato salad, pasta, and chicken breast, with salsa.  Yum.  But where does Costco find these giant mutant chickens that these huge breasts come from?  I cooked four and our family of five didn't even finish two!

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