Tuesday, January 7, 2014

T25 Cardio Alpha Review

So the big kids came home from school right before the mailman came. The usual fight about whose turn it was to get the mail ensued, and finally my oldest went out to retrieve the mail from the mailbox and the package from the porch.
And then it was here.
(I'd have to agree.  It's about time. Nothing about Beachbody's shipping was very quick.)

I had planned to wait until all the monsters were in bed to try it out, but I couldn't wait.  As the kids ate their snacks and did their homework, I opened the box and pulled everything out.  I had a lot of first impressions as I looked everything over.  First, it was weird the resistance band didn't just come assembled.  But, I quickly did that only to realize I didn't need it right away.  Next, I opened the calendar to keep track of your completed days.  I quickly tossed it aside, figuring my husband could have it. It starts on a Monday, which I clearly am not (and that alone was enough to make it impossible for me and all my obsessive-compulsiveness to want to use).  Also, instead of just doing each of the five workouts once a week, it mixes them up so that some weeks you have two of one and none of another.  I'm sure there is a scientific or tested reason for this.  I'm just going to do one of each workout every week, though.

Lastly, the final thing that bothered me immediately came as I flipped through the nutritional guide that came with the set.  I was immediately put off by the first pages where I was instructed to eat under 1500 calories a day for the first 5 days, and then slowly add more.  It even says you might feel hungry. Now I admit I quit reading at that point, but no.  At the height of my running I easily eat 2000-2500+ calories a day.  Currently it's probably 1500-2000.  As I've said, though, I don't do diets or supplements or shakes.  There's no way I would count my calories and limit myself even if I felt hungry.

All that aside, I was anxious to get the DVD in and see how much I could sweat.  So while the kids finished their homework I changed into some workout garb and got ready.
I'm not a huge fan of Old Navy clothes, but their Activewear is actually pretty great.  Not to mention, their compression capris were on sale earlier this week for TEN DOLLARS.

(I'll warn you...my running/ workout gear is usually mismatched crazy colors.  I had a friend tell me once she loved seeing me when I was out running because she always knew it was me by the brightness.)

Anyway, the big kids finished their homework so I put them all upstairs to watch tv.  Usually tv is outlawed on school days, but the baby took a good nap and I'm not sure what time she'll actually go to bed tonight, and all bets are off when the husband's out of town (as he frequently is).  I set out my yoga mat (which turned out to be a mistake), popped in the DVD, kicked all the toys out of the way, and said a little prayer that I didn't land on a Lego.

The first thing that came on was a Shakeology commercial. I know it's a Beachbody thing, but I had just been annoyed by all the Shake ads I had to pull out of the box, too.  Ugh.  I prefer to chew my food.

So the workout came on and I almost immediately kicked the yoga mat out of the way.  It was sliding all over.  Even the carpet had to be better.  A hard floor would have been ideal.

My thoughts during the 25 minute workout pretty much consisted of things like Ufh and Geez.  I refused to do the modified version but I'm pretty sure by the end my knees weren't higher than my waist.  This is a high-intensity, fast paced workout.  I sweated. A lot.

The truth is, though, like any workout using your own body weight and no trainer to push you, you only get out of it what you put in.  I gave it everything I had. In fact, when it was over I finished my second big pink cup of water and am halfway through the third!  But, had I not tried to squat deeper, lunge farther, and jump faster every. single. time. I could easily think it wasn't that hard. 

I then did a minute plank on my own. For obvious reasons.

Now, a few hours, a hot shower, dinner, and some more water later, I'm already feeling it in my quads.  I can't wait for tomorrow.  And I hope to get a run in too.

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