Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2 Day 1

Today was T25 Alpha Cardio again, and it was significantly easier than last week.  I think I sweated more, if that's even possible, though.  As soon as I finished the DVD I changed my shoes and my shirt and got ready for a run (it was the first of two weekly daycare mornings for the baby).  

I bought a new water "bottle" at Target (with a gift card, NOT a debit card) on clearance and figured it would be a good day to try it out since I knew I wasn't going to run very far.
I absolutely hate running with water belts or handheld bottles.  This is like a pouch that I can attach to my SPIbelt.  It holds .7 liters of water.  As I started running, I realized I needed to clip the clip through the buckle on my belt so it didn't flop around so much. It still moved around, but not horribly. I'll use it on long runs when I need water. I may even go buy another one or two since they're only $8 and they're the best option I've found .

I also (finally) got smart and put my Garmin over my sleeve instead of under.
This saved me a lot of annoyance.  I ran a mile out and walked a mile home.  So altogether 51 minutes of exercise.  

All day I've had the "runchies".  Feeeed meeee.  Saw this on Facebook today. Thought it was fitting.
(I don't know this guy.  I can just totally relate to his shirt.)

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