Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 1 Weigh In

This morning, before I drank my coffee or anything, I took weight and measurements for the end of week 1.  Here they are:

Weight - 141.6 lbs (pretty standard for me, but down .4 lbs from last week)
Waist - 29.25 inches (.25 in less than last week)
Hip - 33.5 inches (1.5 in less than last week…I was SHOCKED)
Thigh - 21 inches (.25 in less than last week)
Bicep - 11 inches (.25 in less than last week)

So losses all around.  After that I went for a run.  My goal was 50 minutes (keeping it under an hour a day), but as I got going I felt great and figured I'd do 5 miles no matter the time.  I ran out to Chesapeake and back.
As I got back to my house, I was at 4.6 miles, so a quick pass around the block got me to 5.  I couldn't have been much closer to my original time goal.
This was the best run I've had in months.  I felt kind of Forrest like and thought about just run-ning all day.  I can only think that the added strength from the week of T25 workouts allowed my muscles to settle in quickly and not tire out.

Also, I said I don't drink shakes.  I lied.
I drink Sonic Coconut Cream Pie milkshakes.  So good.

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